Why Business English?

Multimedia Education Leader


The Funmedia Company is the e-learning leader.

We are an international and dynamic company in its expansion stage that provides advanced solutions in the field of modern education.

Why Business English?

Available all over the world

Courses123 are available in 26 countries and now have 741629 users.

Our portfolio embraces multimedia language and specialized courses (e.g. Angielski123, Typefast123), as well as the bestseller product by Funmedia - FunEnglish.pl, which is an online multimedia English textbook for children that was reviewed and accepted by the Ministry of National Education.

In 2011 and 2012 Funmedia has been awarded with European Language Label which is a prestigious prize for innovation in the field of foreign language teaching and learning.

Why Business English?

New dimension of knowledge acqusition


E-courses by Funmedia are rich in various multimedia components:

  • games,
  • panoramas,
  • videos,
  • photo-lessons,
  • activities.

They stimulate development of multiple intelligences and enhance the user’s learning capacity. Additionally, user’s engagement is boosted by means of gamification elements, such as, rankings, points, and badges. They have a positive impact on both users’ motivation and learning effectiveness.

Why Business English?

National social projects

Apart from selling its products, Funmedia takes part in numerous social initiatives.

These projects aim at expanding edtech tools in education not only to popularize e-learning in public education system but also raise its quality.

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Why Business English?

Mobile learning


Mobile applications

Fully-fledged multimedia apps containing photos, dialogues, quizzes and many more functional elements, have been recognized by a large group of users while holding top positions in the rankings of dedicated applications for Android.

We use the power of multimedia to create new standards in education!