Why Business English?

About our course


Working in an international environment means using professional vocabulary.

Building and sustaining relationships as well as effective communication are essential factors in any kind of business. Currently fluency in English is key to success and career development.

It is a common phenomenon that we change jobs, have to retrain and fulfill the new requirements. Learning a language is very often one of them. English123. biz is addressed both to people entering the labor market, as well as those who already operate in a business environment and want to confirm, refresh or expand their language proficiency.

Why Business English?

Multimedia increase the efficiency and attractiveness of learning experience

Funmedia solutions are mainly based on full-fledged high quality multimedia created by professionals.

Each element of the course and platform is carefully designed and combined with other elements to form a coherent whole. The course contains:

  • 48 grammar focus sections,
  • 48 dialogues,
  • 42 photo-lessons,
  • 48 grammar focus sections,
  • 6 videos,
  • 6 panorama views.

In the course of learning the use of multimedia engages more senses making the process of learning easier and above all more efficient. Additionally, gamification elements increase your motivation and make the learning process more attractive by boosting your motivation in the form of rankings and attributing points or badges for your regular work.

Why Business English?

Use English123.biz and pass the TOEIC certificate

English123.biz is a multimedia e-course that will prepare you for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).

TOEIC is an examination testing your skills of English in an international business environment. TOEIC Reading and Listening measures your language skills:

  • listening,
  • reading,
  • grammar.

As for now it is definitely the most popular exam in the world, chosen willingly by HR managers, state and private universities as well as governments.